Definition of casing in US English:



  • 1A cover or shell that protects or encloses something.

    ‘a waterproof casing’
    • ‘It was a beautiful mirror framed in an ornate casing made of solid gold swirled within silver.’
    • ‘She gave him a smile before striding over to the door and lifting the weatherproof casing from the keypad.’
    • ‘Warmth and moisture creates the germination process causing the seeds to break their casings and stretch out of the soil.’
    • ‘Bright orange casings protect the microphones from wind, which is one of the biggest problems for acoustic researchers.’
    • ‘Rack mounted systems are much more interchangeable and the casing lasts forever.’
    • ‘His silver factory produced shell casings and grenades.’
    • ‘Leaf mould containers usually consist of nothing more than a circular or square casing of chicken mesh supported by a wooden or metal frame.’
    • ‘Electricity cables are normally covered in a protective casing which warns workers if they are about to hit a power pipe but these mains were not covered, the company said.’
    • ‘The duo have dispensed with plastic CD casings and fashioned their covers from stiff cardboard.’
    • ‘The stomachs of sheep and pigs provide round casings for haggis and hog puddings, and for their equivalents in other countries.’
    • ‘This time round, the screen is supported by a more robust casing, the company claims, capable of withstanding a fall of 1m.’
    • ‘Space-age material used to make the cars' chassis, gearbox casings and bodywork.’
    • ‘Several shell casings have been recovered as evidence from the scene but officers aren't saying what kind of guns were used.’
    • ‘Among the clutter of computer screens, racks of original prints and an underwater camera casing are enlarged copies of the rare archive photographs taken of the sinking boats.’
    cover, case, shell, envelope, sheath, sheathing, wrapper, wrapping, sleeve, jacket, housing, capsule, folder
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  • 2The frame around a door or window.

    • ‘You should definitely caulk along the top of the baseboards, along the edge of the crown moulding were it meets the paneling, around all window and door casings and along corner moulding, if you have it.’
    • ‘If you are retrimming an existing door, pry off the existing casing carefully so you won't damage the wall or the doorjamb.’
    • ‘In a compensation claim form, he detailed damage to the door, the lock and the casing and claimed compensation of £740.’
    • ‘Unless you are wrapping the framing around the window with drywall, both the jambs and the casings on the new window will need to be curved.’
    • ‘Don't forget the tops of window and door casings.’
    • ‘Instead of traditional window casings, Dutton's windows and doors are framed with a 3/8-inch reveal that makes a subtle shadow line.’
    • ‘You won't have to worry about door and window casings and baseboards.’
    • ‘New casings around the doors and lower windows, plus large pilasters between the French doors, help define and anchor the living room.’
    • ‘Preparation includes removing baseboards and undercutting the casing of the door to make sure the new tiles will fit.’
    • ‘Getting the house back to its original shape meant removing carpets, relaying floors, replacing joists, ceilings and lintels, injecting walls and replacing 70 window casings in all.’
    • ‘We have a house built by my great-grandfather that has beautiful hardwood trim around the door frames and window casings.’
    • ‘The cornice width should equal the full window casing width plus 1 inch (minimum).’
    • ‘The hall door is very fine, having outer casings and massive pillars supporting an ornamental canopy all of cut stone.’
    • ‘The burglars took the casing off an inner door to get into the church, smashed a 2ft square hole in an internal wall to crawl into the main worship area, where they damaged doors and stole speakers.’
    • ‘I got the patching up done and put some mastic on some of the door casings.’