Definition of cashpoint in US English:



  • another term for automated teller machine
    • ‘The latest scam sees thieves fitting digital technology to cashpoints to film customers inputting their PIN (personal identification number) along with a device that scans their card details as they make a transaction.’
    • ‘Remember the proposal to allow the police to frogmarch drunks to cashpoints so that they could pay spot fines?’
    • ‘Those who handle a lot of cash, frequently making withdrawals from ATMs, should look for an account with a bank that offers the most access to fee-free cashpoints.’
    • ‘Credit card transactions were frozen, cashpoints failed and store cards could not be used in shops.’
    • ‘He added: ‘These people work by standing around cashpoints in groups of four or five. When you go to draw out money, they stand behind you.’’
    • ‘Two of the other bank cashpoints in the High Street were stuffed with cardboard to put them out of action, forcing customers to use the machine outside Barclays, which had been rigged.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old uniformed Securicor guard was at the centre to fill an cashpoint and was jumped on in an open air car park by two men at 10.30 pm on Friday.’
    • ‘But people using the cashpoints on Grosvenor Street, off Oxford Road, are less than impressed with the new police scheme, run in conjunction with Barclays, Natwest and HSBC banks.’
    • ‘The night before, his credit card was used at a cashpoint at an Asda supermarket in Bradford Road, Huddersfield, where £350 was withdrawn from his account.’
    • ‘She said he went down to the nearby Greenbridge shopping centre to the check his balance at the cashpoint and then went for a drink in one of the bars there, where he consumed an unknown amount of alcohol.’
    • ‘The Economic Crime Unit says there has been an increase in such incidents, with four high-tech skimming devices being spotted and recovered from cashpoints in the county in recent months.’
    • ‘People were queuing up at cashpoints to get money for taxis.’
    • ‘If you don't like taking loads of money, use travellers cheques, or in most countries you can withdraw through cashpoints with your credit card!’
    • ‘Journalists besieged cashpoints and coffee shops to see if consumers would take to the euro.’
    • ‘Yet the very convenience of cash machines can be a problem, especially when a customer nips to the nearest cashpoint and finds themselves charged for taking their own money out of their own account.’
    • ‘Customers were still able to use cashpoints on the outside of the building until about 11 am when the surrounding area was cordoned off.’
    • ‘Yes, there are more cashpoints, but elderly people are understandably wary of using credit cards and cash machines in the open street.’
    • ‘The wide-boulevarded capital of Maputo may not be particularly handsome, but it is one of the more pleasant and safer cities in Africa, still massively influenced by Portuguese heritage, and uncolonised by cashpoints or McDonalds.’
    • ‘I personally withdraw cash straight from cashpoints on my holidays abroad, although if you are going to the deepest darkest back of beyond this may not be possible.’
    • ‘Some time later Bails came back empty handed - none of the cashpoints were working either.’