Definition of cashew apple in US English:

cashew apple


  • The swollen edible fruit of the cashew tree, from which the cashew nut hangs, sometimes used to make wine.

    • ‘Rural self-help groups should take initiative in the effective use of cashew apple in cashew-growing regions.’
    • ‘Patents were obtained for clarified cashew juice, cashew apple liquor and cashew apple wine’
    • ‘The shell of the nut contains a toxic oil, which caused the Latin Americans and West Indian growers to concentrate on production of the succulent cashew apple rather than the nut.’
    • ‘The cashew nut grows externally in its own kidney shaped hard shell at the end of this peduncle - commonly known as cashew fruit or cashew apple.’
    • ‘Ever breathed in the nostalgic fragrance of the ‘paranki maanga’ (cashew apple) in a bustling city?’
    • ‘This project will develop a process for the production of a natural fruit juice from waste cashew apples that is acceptable for export markets.’
    • ‘The cashew apple is not a true fruit, but the swollen stalk to which the cashew nut is attached.’
    • ‘While cashew apples are not appreciated in the United States, they are regarded as delicacies in Brazil and the Caribbean.’
    • ‘The cashew apple is not commercially important since it spoils quickly, but local people love the fruit.’
    • ‘The nut is attached to the lower portion of the cashew apple which is conically shaped.’
    • ‘In the countries where the cashew apple grows, it is also used in the drinks industry.’
    • ‘In India, on the other hand, vast tonnages of cashew apples have largely gone to waste while that country pioneered in the utilization and promotion of the nut.’
    • ‘Juice is squeezed from the cashew apples and fermented to produce wine.’
    • ‘Wash cashew apple and extract the juice either by pressing with hand or using a press.’
    • ‘Brazil has a highly developed cashew nut processing industry in which even cashew apples are processed for the preparation of fresh beverages and wine.’
    • ‘One cashew nut grows per cashew apple and it is from the fermented juice of cashew apples that cashew feni is made.’
    • ‘He recounted that cashew apples and their juice were consumed and that the nuts were roasted in fires and the kernels eaten.’
    • ‘Caju feni is the liquor make from pressed cashew apples in Goa.’