Definition of cash on delivery in US English:

cash on delivery

(also COD)


  • The system of paying for goods when they are delivered.

    • ‘Many suppliers will change business practice, and I accept that; many will now require cash on delivery.’
    • ‘Shortly after lunch on Friday, September 5, a person telephoned a local electrical supplier and ordered a new television on the understanding he would pay cash on delivery to his home.’
    • ‘Buyers may have several payment options, including credit card, debit card, personal check, cashier's check, money order, cash on delivery and escrow services.’
    • ‘Both these sites accept modes of payment like cash on delivery, VPP, cheques and DDs, the preferred one being credit cards.’
    • ‘For example, he says in the booklet that you'll learn how to get your suppliers to give you ninety days credit, even if they have a policy of cash on delivery.’
    • ‘Following the agreement in December 1997 to buy all your stock of uPVC extrusion product, the agreed terms of payment were to be cash on delivery.’
    • ‘Whilst payment terms had been agreed and put in place, on numerous occasions the firm had severe shortages of materials on site due to the fact their suppliers would only deliver to them on a cash on delivery basis or upon receipt of cleared funds.’
    • ‘I was informed that I was outside my credit agreement with the company - that it was cash on delivery only.’
    • ‘‘They all operated on a cash on delivery basis and all items were paid for up front before being received,’ he said.’
    • ‘But, as agreed, all future business will be cash on delivery and I would urge you to adhere to this.’


cash on delivery

/ˌkaSH än dəˈliv(ə)rē/