Definition of casebook in US English:



  • A book containing a selection of source materials on a particular subject, especially one used as a reference work or in teaching.

    • ‘Completely revised and updated, the second edition of this casebook and text focuses on the treatment of children who have experienced crises resulting from psychological, physical, or environmental events.’
    • ‘Fair enough, as I hardly penalize students for reading and referencing material not contained in the casebook.’
    • ‘Reading the cases for today's First Amendment class, I came across the epigraph for NEA v. Finley in my casebook.’
    • ‘The casebook features tabs for documents, evidence and conversations, and so it makes it easy to keep track of and go back and review what you've learned.’
    • ‘For as long as I can remember, some composition courses have been organized around a topic or issue and a casebook reader.’
    • ‘He said he used a 19-year-old edition of the Hart and Weschsler casebook at one point, ‘and it didn't matter - the questions were the same!’’
    • ‘I helped him put together a casebook on Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement, and he is advising me on the course I'm teaching on that subject next year.’
    • ‘But with the new edition of the casebook, I decided to do something that I hope will be more helpful to my adopters.’
    • ‘But Enron ought to be seen as the casebook for fundamental reform.’
    • ‘Again we have a casebook of rhyme and off-rhyme: Abraham/ram; lamb of God/sanctified; Voice/price.’
    • ‘This year's repeated mistake concerned a portion of a note case that is not in the casebook and that we never discussed in class.’
    • ‘The casebook would be particularly helpful to answer questions by community representatives and other REB members who may be unfamiliar with the range of accepted practices within psychology.’