Definition of case in point in English:

case in point


  • An instance or example that illustrates what is being discussed.

    ‘the “green revolution” in agriculture is a good case in point’
    • ‘What is now happening on the Shankill Road is a classic example of the case in point.’
    • ‘The Royal Museum that houses the first cloned sheep named Dolly, the National Gallery of Scotland along with quite a few national museums are paradigmatic cases in point.’
    • ‘Alas, this principle is applied more generally as governments assume control of the delivery or standard of services of one sort or another: currently the National Health Service and the railways are cases in point.’
    • ‘Christmas shopping, an activity rife with tragic overtones, is a case in point.’
    • ‘South Africa, the continent's most successful big economy, is the most important case in point.’
    • ‘The distances between producer and consumer, suppliers and manufacturers are increasing everywhere - owers from Kenya and shoes from Taiwan are cases in point.’
    • ‘The air pollution caused by smoking autos and scooters is a case in point.’
    • ‘A few cases in point: Two men attacked a British executive on the subway.’
    • ‘This remarkable piece of documentary theatre is a case in point: it is both reflective and incisive.’
    • ‘Just a case in point, the Cathedral that you see behind me is now open for mass every Sunday.’
    example, instance, case, representative case, typical case, illustration, specimen, sample, exemplar, exemplification, occasion, occurrence
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