Definition of carver in US English:



  • 1A person who carves wood, stone, ivory, coral, etc., especially professionally.

    ‘we watched a decoy carver at work’
    • ‘For the last 11 years I've attempted to earn a living from my skills as a carver and sculptor.’
    • ‘Olivier explained that village carvers had made the sculptures in response to orders from Belgians.’
    • ‘The majority of communities invited carvers and artists to come and put their work on display.’
    • ‘He noted that the permanent workforce at Coalbrookdale included artists, modellers, carvers, pattern-makers, moulders, finishers, painters, gilders and decorators.’
    • ‘Vietnam banned ivory sales in 1995, and as the law becomes better enforced, fewer and fewer ivory carvers are working.’
    • ‘By the late eighteenth century his sons John and Simeon Jr. were recognized as the preeminent ship, architectural, and figural carvers in the region.’
    • ‘He worked with professional carvers and printers.’
    • ‘Observing the famous sculptors Luyani and Nsebani at work, Kitaia dreamt of becoming a professional carver and tried to make one piece after another.’
    • ‘It is not known where these handles were made, but there were certainly teams of ivory carvers working at Dieppe in France and in Saint Petersburg during the latter part of the century.’
    • ‘Iona's craftsmen - masons, painters, carvers - were the envy of the Celtic world.’
    • ‘The artists, including jewellers, potters, painters, photographers and stone carvers, will be available to discuss their work and demonstrate their skills.’
    • ‘He commissioned the artist and paid the carvers and printers.’
    • ‘Ivory is carved with similar tools to those used by the woodworker, and the ivory carver will usually carve in the direction of the grain.’
    • ‘Gaining the cooperation of the ivory carvers could be the answer to elephant conservation, said Stiles.’
    • ‘The western carvers produced decoys solely for the purpose of luring waterfowl.’
    • ‘In a rainforest environment, wood is the most easily available material and Sepik carvers are renowned craftsmen.’
    • ‘Sculptors and carvers fashion teakwood goblets, cigar and jewelry boxes, and board games such as dominoes and backgammon.’
    • ‘Like stone, wood is an unforgiving material that demands a carver with a sure sense of design, an unerring eye for infinitesimal detail, and the patience of Job.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, some women carvers did go into business, including William Fry's daughter Laura, who, in 1885 became the first woman to be listed in the Cincinnati directory as a professional carver.’
    • ‘Nathan Jackson is a master carver who has exhibited his works - totem poles, masks, bentwood boxes and house fronts - in New York, London, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.’
  • 2A knife designed for slicing meat.

    • ‘The good man is naturally overjoyed when he holds a good-sized handsome shoulder of mutton, in one hand, with a good sharp carver in the other.’
    • ‘A sharp carver will give best results.’
    cutting tool, blade, cutter
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  • 3A person who cuts and serves the meat at a meal.

    • ‘Center the roast on a carving board that is long enough to allow the carver to cut the meat without spilling on the tablecloth.’
    • ‘The waiters and meat carvers were quite friendly, some more than others.’
    • ‘Such a criticism could not be made of his own book, which devotes 10 chapters to the status and duties of a carver, and no fewer than 76 chapters to the carving of particular foodstuffs.’