Definition of cartridge clip in US English:

cartridge clip


  • A metal frame or container that holds cartridges for loading into an automatic rifle or pistol.

    • ‘This secondary cartridge clip replaces the standard battery cover and attaches to the bottom of the advanced TASER.’
    • ‘Well then, is it not time we removed the old, stale bullets and filled the cartridge clip with new and fresher ones instead?’
    • ‘Curved AK - 47 cartridge clips lay carefully stacked in fours on a series of seven plastic tarpaulins laid out in the dust behind the car.’
    • ‘As the scope was located in left side of receiver normal cartridge clips could be used for reloading the rifle.’
    • ‘Crimp the cartridge clips instead of soldering them.’
    • ‘German sources describe the cases, when, after shooting on the earth the last cartridge clip from the pistol, female fliers rushed into the flame of the burning aircraft.’
    • ‘Then I throw myself to the ground, changing the cartridge clip on one of my revolvers.’
    • ‘This expansion eventually led to Green-Tech International Ltd. producing its own cartridge clips, tops, boxes and machines to offer customers a better quality and priced product.’
    • ‘The secondary cartridge clip conveniently holds a spare cartridge on the butt of the Taser gun.’