Definition of cartridge in English:



  • 1A container holding a spool of photographic film, a quantity of ink, or other item or substance, designed for insertion into a mechanism.

    • ‘While third party suppliers claimed that these chips made it difficult to supply replacement cartridges, the EU ruling was designed to make cartridges easier to recycle.’
    • ‘In the late 1990s, multiple tape cartridges were required to contain the contents of a single disk drive.’
    • ‘They would grill engineers about toner cartridges and design.’
    • ‘When she went in her box to get the cartridge of film, she saw another roll.’
    • ‘He was loading cartridges, rolling the film on and flicking them out rather quickly.’
    • ‘The ink cartridges were not designed to be refilled; anyone who chooses to use a refill kit also runs the risk of damaging the cartridge in the process.’
    • ‘The game cartridges you bought contained the exact same ROM-chips found in the arcade versions.’
    • ‘Cassette doors can break off, spring mechanisms inside cartridges can be dislodged, or the entire tape cabinet may break apart.’
    • ‘Both these articles mention the possibility of refueling on the fly: inserting a new cartridge of fuel into the fuel cell without needing to power down your laptop or PDA.’
    • ‘Super8 film cartridges are available from good photographic stores for about £12 which thankfully includes processing.’
    • ‘The packaging apparatus is relatively simple in structure because it has no mechanisms for rotating the film cartridge and the case.’
    • ‘The cartridges contain a cleaning fluid used in the clean and charge centre on an electric razor.’
    • ‘What is the potential impact of not being able to recover data from a tape cartridge that contains critical data?’
    • ‘The activated charcoal is normally packaged in filter cartridges that are inserted into the purification device.’
    • ‘I duct taped the overflow drain on the sink, and inserted a CO2 cartridge into the drain cleaning unit.’
    • ‘Because the ribbon, unlike an ink cartridge, is designed to print a fixed number of images, you know your costs in advance.’
    • ‘Larkin said he originally designed the cartridge using flash memory, but was concerned about the limited times the memory could be written and rewritten.’
    • ‘The proper respirator with a cartridge designed to filter lead should be worn when stripping, sanding, or scraping.’
    • ‘Re-manufactured laser cartridges contain high quality components and toners which yield outstanding results for printing so print quality is of a very high standard.’
    • ‘This includes a cartridge containing methanol that is diluted to a 20 percent to 30 percent concentration to produce power in the fuel cell.’
    cassette, magazine, cylinder, canister, container, capsule, case, pack, packet, package
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    1. 1.1A casing containing a charge and a bullet or shot for small arms or an explosive charge for blasting.
      • ‘Examine your shells and cartridges closely and use only the precise caliber or gauge for your specific firearm.’
      • ‘The honest concern is about airborne lead ejected by the primer and bullet when a cartridge is fired.’
      • ‘Soldiers gripped the ball end in their teeth and tore it off the top of the cartridge; the charge was then poured, the paper used as a wad to pack it down, and the ball seated on top with the ramrod.’
      • ‘Among the ammunition were shotgun cartridges and dum-dum bullets.’
      • ‘Kyle cursed himself as he fumbled with bullets and cartridges.’
      • ‘She said authorities also found in the car automatic rifles, bullet cartridges, plastic explosives and other materials.’
      • ‘Examine the unfired cartridge and if the bullet is still where it started out, all is well.’
      • ‘We found some bullets and a shotgun cartridge within a jam jar, which was inside the bag.’
      • ‘For the first couple of weeks I dug up nothing but shot gun cartridges and buttons and then I found a Charles I shilling and I was hooked.’
      • ‘Several spent cartridges and bullets were found outside and inside the premises.’
      • ‘Sarai picked it up and emptied the bullets from the cartridge.’
      • ‘He has admitted possessing 298 9mm bullet cartridges without a firearm certificate.’
      • ‘Dante gripped the bullet cartridge and yanked it out.’
      • ‘Other ways exist to link cartridges and bullets to a specific weapon.’
      • ‘Police found bullets and spent cartridges at the scene and believe a 9mm automatic pistol was used.’
      • ‘There were bullets and laser cartridges in the crate.’
      • ‘There was no mention of the shot gun cartridges.’
      • ‘The more unusual ways of scattering ashes include packing them into fireworks which are then fired into the sky and putting ashes in shotgun cartridges to be blasted away.’
      • ‘The hand gun carried by the first man was a Webley revolver adapted to fire shot gun cartridges.’
      • ‘This feature prevents damage to bullet noses as the cartridge is chambered.’
      bullet, round, shell, charge, shot, casing
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    2. 1.2A component carrying the stylus on the pickup head of a record player.


Late 16th century: from French cartouche (feminine noun), from Italian cartoccio (see cartouche).