Definition of cartoonist in US English:



  • An artist who draws cartoons.

    ‘a political cartoonist for the local newspaper’
    • ‘The story has become a cautionary tale for any idealistic young cartoonist working in Hollywood today.’
    • ‘What lessons can cartoonists draw from the wars over digital formats, and how can those lessons be most profitably applied?’
    • ‘While most successful cartoonists stick to either magazine gags or newspaper strips, he's been successful at both.’
    • ‘In the old days, a cartoonist would have to tell a whole story in eight pages.’
    • ‘The best pieces match the cartoonist with the material.’
    • ‘He often appears with fellow cartoonists in programs at schools and libraries in the area.’
    • ‘No fewer than four semi-autobiographical books about growing up, all by women cartoonists, have appeared or will appear this fall.’
    • ‘He had a roster of well-known cartoonists for friends.’
    • ‘He plays the part of an aspiring cartoonist looking for a big break.’
    • ‘He broke out with a Sundance award for a documentary about underground cartoonist R. Crumb.’