Definition of cartoon character in US English:

cartoon character


  • 1A fictional character depicted in an animated film or a comic strip.

    ‘your favorite cartoon characters’
    • ‘If they want to make it really catchy so people remember it, perhaps they could get some kind of hip cartoon character like a tiger with sunglasses to rap something out.’
    • ‘This leads to comedy gold as cartoon characters take standard courtroom drama dialogue and turn it on its ear.’
    • ‘He was responsible for the design of many popular cartoon characters, of which the best-known was Scooby Doo.’
    • ‘We also know that Scooby-Doo is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.’
    • ‘Audiences embraced the mouse like no cartoon character before him.’
    • ‘To attract its youthful audience, the candy is sold in bright, colorful containers with bold colors and cartoon characters, in addition to a label emphasizing the extra calcium.’
    • ‘She voices an animated cartoon character, and they've got all kinds of audio toys up there at the studio.’
    • ‘What I found really interesting was the end credits where the photographs of the actors that did the voice-overs were placed beside the headshots of the cartoon characters they did.’
    • ‘So Buzz Lightyear is only an animated character but heck, even the occasional cartoon character has an ego, and Buzz Lightyear is one of those cocky characters.’
    • ‘I designed a series of animated cartoon characters for the store.’
    • ‘The host of cartoon characters with wide-eyed, open faces, chubby bodies and stumps for limbs grace a vast range of products in Japan, from stationery and soft furnishings to laptops.’
    • ‘Gamers can choose from one of eight different wacky cartoon characters before jumping into the game.’
    • ‘We all remember those little blue cartoon characters; well, they're back on TV.’
    • ‘Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes and decorate their bikes.’
    • ‘The instantly recognisable faces of popular cartoon characters Wallace and Gromit are also lit up in the extraordinary collection.’
    • ‘If you're a fan of classic animation or cartoon characters, then get a Mickey Mouse phone for your office.’
    • ‘He gets paid to draw cartoon characters, and he's good at it.’
    • ‘At the end of the movie, my friend the cartoon character comes on screen and asks me if I want to see more information on the items I selected.’
    1. 1.1 A person or portrayal lacking in depth or characterized by exaggerated or stereotypical features.
      ‘in the films, Bond is a cartoon character’
      ‘she's become a cartoon character of what she once was’
      • ‘He's a living cartoon character, with his bemused smirk and raised eyebrow saying "What's this now?"’
      • ‘It can get tiresome, although Rourke, somewhat of a real-life cartoon character, pulls it off the most convincingly.’
      • ‘Richard becomes a kind of cartoon character at one point, marching like he's in a video game.’
      • ‘His role has become a whiny cartoon character, overacted to the point of being out in the stratosphere.’
      • ‘Sure, he's always been a bit of a cartoon character, but he's wise enough to embrace that status just enough to make it work for him rather than against him.’
      • ‘If they can pigeonhole a rapper into a caricature or cartoon character, posing with head rags, processed hair, baggy pants, goatees, humongous diamond necklaces and rings, horrific looking platinum teeth, they—the media—will.’
      • ‘He stars as a successful, but neurotic, chef with two children and a wife so over-the-top in her evil that she's practically a cartoon character.’
      • ‘He's in a curious place in this film, no longer the living cartoon character he was in movies like Ace Ventura, not quite a "serious" dramatic character as he was in The Truman Show.’
      • ‘Warhol became a living cartoon character, flitting about parties and making public appearances.’