Definition of carryover in US English:



  • usually in singular Something transferred or resulting from a previous situation or context.

    ‘the slow trading was a carryover from the big losses of last week’
    • ‘Yet the system as reformed, partly by the New Deal and partly by a carry-over of wartime measures, did perform wonderfully well in the two decades after World War II.’
    • ‘This may be a carry-over from their former religious environment.’
    • ‘Anyway, this is a carry-over from yesterday's post.’
    • ‘There was a carry-over of sediment from the clarifiers into the River Nore.’
    • ‘The Second Republic [1979-83] was a carry-over of the first.’
    • ‘What we have here is a carry-over from the first-past-the-post system.’
    • ‘All of this is a sensible carry-over to the second publication of what is being said in the House.’
    • ‘But the organisation has to prove it is more than a carry-over from the old Central Bank.’
    • ‘So if adult consumption is declining, that has had some carry-over to youth consumption.’
    • ‘Greater nitrogen carry-over may occur due to poor performance of the previous crop.’
    • ‘‘Only a carry-over of silage and hay from last winter helped to stop a feeding crisis on farms, but the problem is how are the animals to be fed this winter.’
    • ‘I don't think there's ever any carry-over from one game to the next.’
    • ‘The human body is said to contain many organs that are a carry-over from our evolutionary development - the appendix, the coccyx, tonsils, ear muscles, etc.’
    • ‘The lower slaughter means the carry-over into 2005 will be higher than last year and could have implications for the trade during the early months of the New Year.’
    • ‘Since October 2001 there have been 153 manuscripts under consideration, including carry-overs from the previous editors.’
    • ‘In northern climates where rainwater is the sole water source, it may be necessary to oversize the cistern to provide carry-over during a significant portion of the winter when snow falls instead of rain.’
    • ‘One of the problems that cricket faces in Africa is a perception that it's a carry-over from previous colonial regimes.’