Definition of carryall in US English:



  • 1North American A large bag or case.

    • ‘Heller's ‘Best Enemies’ meets all the criteria for this currently very hot-selling form of fiction, and you should definitely add it to your carryall this summer when you head for the beach.’
    • ‘While best known for simple travel and shoulder bags, Jack Spade puts out a great line of carryalls.’
    • ‘Her detailed craftsmanship and eclectic mixes of materials have transformed the carryalls of ‘back home ‘into styles that are popular among New Yorkers.’’
    • ‘Wou has just two assets: a small but energetic staff and an unwavering belief in her signature product, a chic but practical striped carryall made from an environmentally friendly recyclable plastic called Wootex.’
    • ‘Her sturdy carryalls work as whimsical homes-away-from-home for the urban packrat.’
    • ‘‘Back to cameras,’ Chastity said and slung her carryall on her shoulder as Brandon wrestled their suitcase to their brownstone.’
    • ‘I suspect people are eyeing my battered Coach carryall with a flag-scarf tied round it.’
    • ‘Don't take boxes, baskets, rod holdalls and big carryalls with you.’
    • ‘She was dressed all in black and had a canvas carryall over her shoulder.’
    • ‘Vera Overholt placed her carryall by the front door.’
    • ‘Large enough to hold several books, your wallet and phone, shoes, and whatever else you may need, each carryall can handle a full day's worth of meetings.’
    suitcase, case, valise, portmanteau, holdall, grip, overnight bag, overnighter, flight bag, travelling bag, gladstone bag, carpet bag
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  • 2historical A light carriage.

    1. 2.1US A large car or truck with seats facing each other along the sides.
      • ‘The carryall moves the harvester to and from the Spice fields quickly which allows for faster production.’
      • ‘These overtly workhorse carryalls will continue to attract many, especially those requiring genuine tough-going four-wheel-drive.’
      • ‘Different kinds of carriages, coaches, cabriolets, caroches, and carryalls were parked in rows, some of them currently being worked on by a dozen or so employees.’