Definition of carry something on in US English:

carry something on

phrasal verb

  • Engage in an activity.

    ‘he could not carry on a logical conversation’
    • ‘Archeological finds have produced evidence that all of these commercial activities were carried on in medieval Dublin.’
    • ‘Each of these thirteen fairs brought different people to the village and a lot of other business was carried on during the day.’
    • ‘In the case of such companies the place where these activities are carried on can be seen in fact to be the geographical source of the profits these activities yield.’
    • ‘He disappeared down the hallway smiling broadly and struggling to carry on a conversation.’
    • ‘Jesus was not opposed to capitalism and the profit motive, so long as economic activities were carried on outside the temple.’
    • ‘With no economies of scale, all activity would be carried on in hamlets on a household scale to minimize transportation costs.’
    • ‘Generally, where a person is established, and where the taxable activity is carried on, that person will be required to register for VAT in the country where those supplies are made.’
    • ‘Your editor in fact carried on the conversation and asked me for more information.’
    • ‘At that time piracy was carried on by some of the highest people in the land.’
    • ‘Before the general introduction of steam, and even long afterwards, a regular trade was carried on with the Port of Sligo by small sailing vessels from 80 to 100 tons burden.’
    engage in, conduct, undertake, be involved in, take part in, participate in, carry out, perform, direct
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