Definition of carry something off in US English:

carry something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Win a prize.

    ‘she failed to carry off the gold medal’
    • ‘In 1986 Chadwick was one of the first women shortlisted for the Turner Prize, but failed to carry it off.’
    • ‘For him to just come out of nowhere and carry this award off is breathtaking really.’
    • ‘The student of the year was Ciaran Sutton, Arts student of the year was Gavin Elsted and the science award was carried off by Patrick Graham.’
    • ‘This did him a lot of good and he is quick to point out that the prize has very effectively promoted Scottish art: Douglas Gordon carried it off in 1996 and Christine Borland was nominated in 1997.’
    win, secure, capture, gain, achieve, attain, earn, obtain, acquire, procure, get, collect, pick up, come away with
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    1. 1.1 Succeed in doing something difficult.
      ‘he could not have carried it off without government help’
      • ‘Somewhat surprisingly, the actor managed to carry this scene off.’
      • ‘The songs are witty enough, but not all members of this company have the voices to carry them off.’
      • ‘Creating a movie that works as a pure entertainment is like writing a catchy pop single - the end result feels light and effortless to the viewer or listener, but it takes a combination of instinct, smarts, and tremendous craft to carry it off.’
      • ‘It is not for everyone, you have to want to do it or you won't carry it off.’
      • ‘Some actors can play multiple characters, or personalities and carry them off admirably.’
      • ‘He carried it off in a way that gained him the respect and the admiration of the players.’
      • ‘Note that I succeeded in carrying this feat off without falling over, whereas my wife has sufficient grace and elegance to not only look fabulous whilst dancing, but can also hold a large gin and tonic without any spillage.’
      • ‘A simple plan, but he carried it off superbly, forcing errors, and he broke to love to win the match.’
      • ‘He couldn't find a musician he thought was capable of carrying it off, and he refused to compromise.’
      • ‘I think she's disciplined enough to carry it off.’
      succeed in, triumph in, be victorious in, achieve success in, be successful in, be a success in, do well at, make good in
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