Definition of carrotwood in US English:



  • A tree of the soapberry family, native to southeast Asia, that threatens mangrove swamps and other habitats in the US because of its invasive habit.

    Cupaniopsis anacardioides, family Sapindaceae

    • ‘Langeland observes that carrotwood is especially a problem in low moist areas.’
    • ‘Some properties are landscaped with coral trees and carrotwoods.’
    • ‘Ten of these plants are not officially banned by the state of Florida, carrotwood being the exception.’
    • ‘The canopy of the furthest north carrotwood touches the canopy of a Carob tree.’
    • ‘If you have an open lawn area the carrotwood is a good choice.’
    • ‘A site in northern Palm Beach County is being overgrown by Brazilian pepper; another jacquemontia colony was nearly destroyed between 1970 and 1991 by an expanding stand of carrotwood.’
    • ‘Brazilian pepper, carrotwood and ear leaf acacia were cut down, and their stumps were treated with herbicide.’