Definition of carrion flower in US English:

carrion flower


  • 1A North American climbing plant with small white flowers that smell of decaying flesh.

    Genus Smilax: several species, in particular S. herbacea

    • ‘If, somewhere on the road, we imagine we are passing a dead rat and at the same time spy a beautiful vine-covered thicket, we are justified in arriving at but one conclusion - carrion flower!’
    • ‘Such flowers are called carrion flowers and usually smell like rotting flesh.’
    • ‘No matter what melodious name you give it, nobody is going to stick his nose in a carrion flower more than once, and the odds of its playing a widespread role in any human romantic courtship are just about zero.’
    • ‘As a group, members of the genus Trillium are commonly known as trillium, wakerobin, toadshade, squawroot, or carrion flower and they have recently gained interest as garden plants.’
    • ‘The carrion flowers are striking, often measuring over 6 inches across, and are covered with fine hair.’
    • ‘Like other carrion flowers, hoodia blooms resemble pink flesh with a faint odor that lures flies for pollination.’
    • ‘They are known as carrion flowers because when the bloom opens it gives off a deep rotting smell imitating dead animal matter.’
    • ‘The carrion flowers are cactuslike succulents with four-angled, coarsely toothed, spineless stems.’
    • ‘This plant which is usually grown in pots is known by several common names which include the following: starfish flower, zulu-giant, carrion flower and giant toad.’
    • ‘The family is one of drastic modification, however, and members include dramatic succulents, carrion flowers, clever pollination mechanisms and striking plant forms.’
    • ‘Another fascinating ‘carrion flower’ is Rafflesia arnoldi, which also happens to be the world's largest flower (single flower, not inflorescence).’
    • ‘It also contains some of the most fascinating and bizarre carrion flowers on earth.’
  • 2

    another term for stapelia
    • ‘Known globally as African starfish flowers or locally as carrion flowers, members of the genus Stapelia are usually characterized by their foul-smelling flowers reminiscent of the odour of rotting meat.’
    • ‘The real carrion flowers are Stapelia species, succulent plants from the dryer regions of tropical Africa and India.’
    • ‘Stapelia spp. are known as carrion flowers, superficially like cacti, but on no way related.’