Definition of carpetweed in US English:



  • Any of various dicotyledonous, usually succulent plants that typically grow in warm, sandy regions.

    Family Aizoaceae, order Caryophyllales: several genera and species, in particular Mollugo verticillata, a North American weed with small whitish flowers; like many of the carpetweeds, it is prostrate and forms a dense mat on the ground

    • ‘Somewhere is a reference indicating that carpetweed is not a serious competitor to desirable plants.’
    • ‘Her acknowledgement of purslane as an introduced species suggests that the similar carpetweed was also viewed by her as an ‘alien’ species introduced to the area.’
    • ‘In this research, carpetweed was the most susceptible to vinegar applications.’
    • ‘In addition, all herbicide treatments provided significantly higher levels of carpetweed control.’