Definition of carpeting in English:



  • 1Carpets collectively.

    ‘offices with wall-to-wall carpeting’
    • ‘The installation of new carpeting or an area rug are perhaps the most common reasons.’
    • ‘Eliminating carpeting or frequently cleaning carpets may help.’
    • ‘Consider replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with another type of floor coveting and upholstered furniture with leather.’
    • ‘Once she decided to buy red wall-to-wall carpeting for our dining room.’
    • ‘The noise was hardly covered by the old thin carpeting and beaten up rugs that covered the floor in some places.’
    • ‘His ground floor office was much as you would expect - a dusty edifice full of old books and even older carpeting.’
    • ‘Now the seating and carpeting has been done, it makes you feel that you should take off your shoes when entering the theatre.’
    • ‘The church floor was carpeted in mottled wall-to-wall carpeting.’
    • ‘Though wall-to-wall carpeting is the least costly floor option, carpets are harder to keep clean and harbor smells.’
    • ‘She can reach higher velocities on carpeting than she can on our hard wood floors at home.’
    • ‘She found a sterile waiting room furnished with boring, wall-to-wall carpeting and uncomfortable armchairs.’
    • ‘I yearned for a huge area rug to cover the existing carpeting.’
    • ‘With wall-to-wall white carpeting and ceiling-to-floor flowered curtains running along two sides of the room, the place had a homey ambience.’
    • ‘Thick, beige, wall-to-wall carpeting covered the floor, and the vast bed had a frame of some sleek, dark wood.’
    • ‘When the doors opened I had to wait for her to readjust herself to the soft lighting and carpeting before we could be seated.’
    • ‘Many well-meaning parents invest in new wall-to-wall carpeting in the nursery to create a cozy and fall-proof environment for their baby.’
    • ‘Modern houses also offer an ideal home for dust mites through central heating, carpeting and double glazing which make homes warmer.’
    • ‘Kilmartin is offering free carpeting for purchasers who reserve a property before the end of the month.’
    • ‘Each apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting, inlaid flooring, a private veranda with a spa pool and an ornate ‘state room’.’
    • ‘A number of rooms from a typical 1944 home had been recreated with period furniture and household items, ranging from old radios to the prodded rugs which provided the main carpeting in most houses.’
    1. 1.1 The fabric from which carpets are made.
      • ‘The Castle is a fairly unimpressive affair, all conference rooms, plush carpeting, pomp and circumstance, but the grounds and gardens are calm and serene.’
      • ‘It was a white and creamy colored room with light plush carpeting and at the far right of it, a sectional couch that surrounded a large sixty-inch television.’
      • ‘I pulled my mother's flannel robe around me and concentrated on the orange industrial carpeting.’
      • ‘It had a high ceiling and thick, plush carpeting of a rich beige color.’
      • ‘When she heard the door shut, signaling that she was all alone in the condo, she stomped her foot on the plush carpeting and muttered profanities.’
      • ‘For instance, broadloom carpeting may run $20 per yard, and the going rate for installation might be around $5 per yard.’
      • ‘Hardwood flooring in the living areas and cork flooring in the kitchen replaced industrial carpeting, which was hiding the original linoleum floors throughout the home.’
      • ‘The homes also have wool carpeting and floorings made of bamboo or cork as alternatives to traditional carpeting made from synthetics, which gives off noxious gases.’
      • ‘Avery entered and dropped her bag on the plush carpeting.’
      • ‘At first her movements were clumsy, but after a couple of gentle tugs it was like standing on plush carpeting.’
      • ‘The mauve plush carpeting felt good as my toes wriggled back and forth in it.’
      • ‘Flooring consists of linoleum and non-PVC-backed carpeting.’
      • ‘The fibers from used carpeting can be added to concrete slabs to help prevent them from cracking.’
      • ‘The largest door was open, revealing a candle lit room with plush red carpeting and leather bound chairs.’
      • ‘He led the way up some stone steps to a long hall with silver and green carpeting.’
      • ‘Even the wool carpeting is colored with vegetable dyes, and is collected and recycled after its useful life span.’
      • ‘Instead of synthetic carpeting, Spector suggests a natural-fiber throw rug made of wool, cotton, jute or sea grass.’
      • ‘Chemicals in synthetic carpeting can react with a component of smog to generate unpleasant aromas.’
      • ‘I started pacing along the red plush carpeting, scuffing my beige leather boots against the floor.’
      • ‘She slowly descended the stairway, making no noise due to the plush carpeting below her feet.’