Definition of carpet sweeper in US English:

carpet sweeper


  • A manual household implement used for sweeping carpets, having a revolving brush or brushes and a receptacle for dust and dirt.

    • ‘In 1876, inventor Melville Bissell patented the carpet sweeper.’
    • ‘I have two old, cherished appliances which are still in constant use: a Sunbeam Mixmaster de luxe and a Ewbank Queen carpet sweeper.’
    • ‘I then picked up the carpet sweeper and carried it up two flights of stairs.’
    • ‘The movie's scene-to-scene transitions ought to be played in film classes for years to come; one using a carpet sweeper is particularly noteworthy.’
    • ‘Our selection hanging from the holder includes a compact carpet sweeper and a classic cotton deck mop from Casabella.’
    • ‘That price - about $200 - was what the company had hoped to get for their mechanical carpet sweeper.’
    • ‘Personally I won't be here - I'll be in town buying a carpet sweeper for Lisa's mother.’
    • ‘We also helped with the cleaning, sweeping floors, beating carpets hung on the clothes line, and using a carpet sweeper - a Ewbank model, which was most efficient.’
    • ‘There's a bit of friction between her and Ray, but she uses the carpet sweeper like a dream.’


carpet sweeper

/ˈkärpət ˌswēpər//ˈkɑrpət ˌswipər/