Definition of carpet shell in US English:

carpet shell


  • A burrowing bivalve mollusk of temperate and warm seas, with concentric growth rings and irregular colored markings.

    Genus Venerupis, family Veneriidae

    • ‘Look for the shells of common species such as cockles, trough shells, sand gapers, carpet shells, razor shells, striped Venus and thin tellins.’
    • ‘They aren't as salty and assertive as, say, vongole veraci, or carpet shell clams, or the littleneck clams that are so common here on the East Coast of the U.S.’
    • ‘Fauna and fauna include live cockles, trough shells, carpet shells and tellins.’
    • ‘The high productivity of the wetlands supports a profitable marine population including carpet shells, gilthead and eels.’
    • ‘Nowadays, oyster and mussel farmers have been joined by farmers of carpet shell clams.’