Definition of carpet shark in US English:

carpet shark


  • A relatively small shallow-water shark with barbels around the nose or mouth and typically with a conspicuous color pattern. It is found in the Indo-Pacific region and the Red Sea.

    Family Orectolobidae: Orectolobus and other genera, and several species

    • ‘I know it's not the stuff of heroes, being bitten by a ‘carpet shark‘.’
    • ‘Huge abalone, crayfish, dogfish, beautiful seahorses, blue cod, southern pigfish and carpet sharks are just some of the inhabitants to look out for.’
    • ‘He even went in and marked the position of frogfish (they call them anglerfish) and carpet sharks by tying off glowsticks to the nearby coral!’
    • ‘The man, 22, was snorkelling on a reef off Caves Beach near Newcastle when the carpet shark attacked his leg.’
    • ‘I did see a wobbegong or carpet shark but I was out of film as usual.’