Definition of carpet moth in US English:

carpet moth


  • A drab moth related to the clothes moth, the larvae of which feed on coarse textiles and animal hair.

    Trichophaga tapetzella, family Tineidae

    • ‘The new slim line clothes moth traps use a non-toxic pheromone based sticky pad to attract and catch carpet moths and brown house moths.’
    • ‘The first room we got had very bad mould on the air conditioning unit, the unit was dripping - and there were carpet moths.’
    • ‘The information on carpet moths is somewhat contradictory about whether and what they might eat.’
    • ‘In the privacy of the home, the homemaker has been, and is, confronted with an endless array of damaging household pests including carpet moths, case-making clothes moths, webbing clothes moths, Mediterranean meal moths, and Indian meal moths.’
    • ‘This insect has pale gray forewings with many cross-lines and bands of color in a pattern characteristic of many of the Larentiinae or so-called carpet moths.’
    • ‘Of the 10,000 or so known species of moth in North America, only three dine on wool: the webbing clothes moth, the casemaking clothes moth, and the carpet moth.’
    • ‘Getting rid of carpet moth: treat the carpet with insect spray (roach killer works fine) then get the whole carpet washed professionally.’
    • ‘The third moth is the carpet moth that I believe was lurking under my friend's carpet.’
    • ‘The life cycle of the carpet moth is very similar to the life cycles of other fabric moths.’
    • ‘Not only will this enhance your carpet's appearance, but it will also minimise the likelihood of carpet moths or carpet beetles establishing themselves.’
    • ‘They are already partners in two successful captive breeding projects for rare British insects - the barberry carpet moth and the British field cricket.’
    • ‘The barberry carpet moth is now fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.’
    • ‘There were suggestions to get rid of carpet moths and bed bugs.’
    • ‘The term ‘clothes moth’ is properly used in connection with the webbing clothes moth, the casemaking clothes moth, and the tapestry or carpet moth.’
    • ‘These are not the carpet moths that feed on the fibers in rugs.’