Definition of carpenter ant in US English:

carpenter ant


  • A large ant that burrows into wood to nest.

    Genus Camponotus, family Formicidae: numerous species

    • ‘In cases where the wood will not be exposed to the soil or water, borates, a form of naturally occurring salt, will help prevent decay from fungi and wood-boring insects such as carpenter ants and termites.’
    • ‘Borates are the most effective treatment for many crawling insects including, roaches, silverfish, larder beetles, carpenter ants, and other woodborers, as well as wood decay organisms.’
    • ‘Sunday evening I trudged up to the pool house with her to check the settings and to point out the carpenter ants busily running in and out of a hole as big as my head in the wall.’
    • ‘A few more of these and you'll have no more problems with carpenter ants in this house!’
    • ‘He also wanted to clarify the allowances for using pesticides to save homes from such pests such as carpenter ants and termites.’
    • ‘The woodpecker digs deep into the trees in search of carpenter ants to eat.’
    • ‘They will kill all your fire ants and carpenter ants and termites.’
    • ‘There are no mice, no carpenter ants, no termites.’
    • ‘I scanned through the cooking shows, documentaries about carpenter ants, and reruns.’
    • ‘Pileated Woodpeckers eat wood-boring insects and insects that nest in trees, including long-horned beetles and especially carpenter ants.’
    • ‘Even so, the boat looked to be in good shape until I opened one of the watertight compartments and was greeted by an army of carpenter ants.’
    • ‘In order to trace genetic changes they then compared the B. pennsylvanicus genome to the sequence from a related carpenter ant, B. floridanus.’
    • ‘As spring arrives at my house this year, here come the carpenter ants, demanding a date with my favorite chemists.’
    • ‘We shall use these badly needed funds for the dentist, and for such luxuries as killing the carpenter ant infestation, and for paying off the tax guy.’
    • ‘Moving closer, I saw the ‘insect’ was really two large carpenter ants.’
    • ‘How passionate is his hatred for carpenter ants?’


carpenter ant

/ˈkärpən(t)ər ant/