Definition of carjacking in English:



  • The action of violently stealing an occupied car.

    • ‘If there are about 40 actual carjackings involving violence in London a year, and 2.3million cars, this makes a 0.002 percent chance of a car getting carjacked.’
    • ‘As Bradsher himself notes, the advent of theft-proof auto locks spurred a rise in carjackings.’
    • ‘Because of high levels of crime in Gauteng, particularly violent crimes such as assaults, carjackings, and murder, the Gauteng Cabinet was particularly interested in using police resources effectively.’
    • ‘Many carjackings and kidnappings take place at traffic lights, where cars are forced to stop.’
    • ‘The only people that should have the luxury to enjoy simulating murders, carjackings, and the killings of police officers are kids.’
    • ‘Armed robbery and carjackings are increasingly common in the capital, fuelled by rising poverty and the increasing availability of small arms.’
    • ‘Police say more people are becoming victims of carjackings because thieves cannot bypass sophisticated security systems on modern vehicles.’
    • ‘The officer expressed concern that the situation could worsen overnight after three shootings, looting and a number of attempted carjackings during the afternoon.’
    • ‘You don't wait for the light simply because there are carjackings.’
    • ‘Recall that one reason carjackings have become popular is that it is much harder for criminals to steal unattended cars that have more technologically advanced anti-theft features.’
    • ‘The Government yesterday came under pressure to take action on street crime following a spate of carjackings and record levels of mobile phone thefts.’
    • ‘In particular, they were seeking offenders behind 18 carjackings and similar crimes in the district so far this year.’
    • ‘Robbery, which also includes carjackings, across the division has been reduced by more than 50 per cent.’
    • ‘The threat of carjackings and kidnappings keeps people locked inside their houses.’
    • ‘The three killers were part of a loose-knit gang behind a major crimewave of carjackings and thefts that began around October last year.’
    • ‘Locals are already aware through the press there have been happenings that have unnerved people, such as carjackings.’
    • ‘In London alone there were 664 reported carjackings in 2004, although police say the figure may be higher as carjacking is not usually recorded as a separate offence and is often treated as robbery.’
    • ‘A crackdown on criminal syndicates in the past few years has made it safer than it was, though anyone you meet will rattle off a few hair-raising tales of carjackings and robberies.’
    • ‘Reports of carjackings, assaults and forced evictions grew today, adding to an impression that recent improvements in security were evaporating.’
    • ‘Car crime is soaring, from staged accidents to carjackings, and it is drivers who will have to pay the price through higher motor premiums, the insurance industry warned last week.’


1990s: blend of car and hijacking.