Definition of carinal in US English:



  • See carina

    • ‘Species are diagnosed on the basis of carinal height and the nature (height, symmetry, completeness) and number (zero, one, or two) of flanking rows or parapets.’
    • ‘Ritter recognized the following four morphological groups in a Sweetognathus lineage based on carinal configurations.’
    • ‘Patients were divided into four groups by the location of obstruction: tracheal, carinal, bronchial, or extensive (multiple-site) compression.’
    • ‘The bundles contain both xylem and phloem, and are marked by the presence of large canals known as carinal canals, which also function in water conduction.’
    • ‘Loven illustrated considerable variation in carinal pattern among rays in the same specimen, and what appear to be new carinals forming several plates proximal from the terminal.’