Definition of cargo pants in US English:

cargo pants

plural noun

  • Loose-fitting casual slacks with large patch pockets on the thighs.

    • ‘Her feet dangled from her perch, her big green cargo pants and black hooded pullover covered her dainty frame completely.’
    • ‘The athlete's trousers look like cargo pants that many people worldwide wear these days when traveling or when casual wear is required.’
    • ‘He was dressed almost exactly as he had been the last time she had seen him, his trench coat thrown open to show his cargo pants and red shirt.’
    • ‘Joy was glad she had worn a jean skirt and Mark had even changed from his usual basketball shorts into khaki cargo pants and a polo shirt.’
    • ‘He then goes over to one of the people sitting near me, a teenager with a baseball cap and ripped cargo pants.’
    • ‘Is there a type of cargo pants that can pass as business casual?’
    • ‘He finally decided on black cargo pants and a black turtleneck, which I thought was pretty good.’
    • ‘He hid it quite perfectly under a black polo shirt and baggy black cargo pants.’
    • ‘When she opened it she saw Danny standing there in a yellow, blue and black striped shirt and khaki cargo pants.’
    • ‘When I met him, he was wearing a fashionable shirt, cargo pants, a shiny watch, and a fat ring.’
    • ‘She had on her camouflage cargo pants, a black tank top, and flip flops.’
    • ‘While paratrooper pants are still considered fashionable, I can't say the same for cargo pants.’
    • ‘Wear cargo pants on weekends - their pockets are great for hauling things.’
    • ‘Cody was tall with dirty blond hair and was wearing a red t - shirt and long khaki cargo pants.’
    • ‘He was wearing a gray turtleneck and khaki cargo pants that were a little baggy around the knees.’
    • ‘He was wearing khaki cargo pants and a plaid, collared, short sleeve shirt.’
    • ‘Originating from military gear, cargo pants and shorts are now a big part of mainstream fashion.’
    • ‘They revealed their veteran status by accessorising tuxedos and bow ties with sturdy cargo pants, wellies and baseball caps.’
    • ‘We'd come to shows in our Triple 5 shirts and cargo pants, nodding our heads respectfully and wearing toques.’
    • ‘He is wearing an over-long black turtleneck, cargo pants, and a fedora tipped at a rakish angle.’


cargo pants