Definition of caretaker in US English:



  • 1A person employed to look after a public building or a house in the owner's absence.

    • ‘In such cases, the parent-teacher associations should arrange a watchman or a caretaker to look after the children till their parents come to fetch them in the evening.’
    • ‘On a typical day Ann arrives at school at least half an hour before the youngsters and stays - like her colleagues - until the caretaker locks the building at 5.30 pm.’
    • ‘They said the files were left by mistake, but said they were safe because they were in a secure building with instructions for the caretaker to contact them if they left anything behind.’
    • ‘Back then the building included a little flat for a caretaker, who kept the toilets clean and provided plenty of hot water for ‘mothers' needs’.’
    • ‘He found the land, hired the caretaker and supervised the building of my house.’
    • ‘It is known that the victim lived in Royal Mile Mansions, where police believe he was caretaker of the building.’
    • ‘Some members feel that if a caretaker was employed at the Community Centre, the problem of dumping household rubbish would not arise.’
    • ‘The baby is then placed in the custody of caretakers assigned to the Adoption Unit until he/she is adopted.’
    • ‘Joe Maguire who worked at the County Council in a number of capacities, most recently acted as caretaker for the building.’
    • ‘In addition, when we have permission from the local authorities, we are hoping to build an adjoining building for the caretaker, with a room added for the Sunday school.’
    • ‘About 8pm the caretaker of the building found the whole of the fourth floor two inches deep under water.’
    • ‘He said a caretaker would be employed to ‘open and shut,’ the gates.’
    • ‘A magnificent job is being done by the caretakers and green keeper.’
    • ‘When the caretaker arrived early last Friday morning he found the building flooded, a TV smashed, a microwave and fridge broken.’
    • ‘Khintu is the daughter of the caretaker of our building.’
    • ‘‘The first phase was to ring the transport manager, the rest centre manager and the caretaker of the building,’ says Pam.’
    • ‘I sympathise with the council because I know it will cost money to employ a caretaker but something has got to be done.’
    • ‘Firefighters rescued a mill caretaker after an arson attack left him trapped inside the building.’
    • ‘He said once the project is completed the voluntary housing committee intends employing a full-time caretaker for the houses.’
    • ‘At Bethlehem College Preschool, caretakers live on the property and are thought to deter foot-traffic.’
    janitor, warden, attendant, porter, custodian, keeper, watchman, steward, curator, concierge
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    1. 1.1as modifier Holding power temporarily.
      ‘his was a caretaker regime’
      • ‘But there is still no news on his future as caretaker manager.’
      • ‘‘Sometimes substitutions work, sometimes they don't,’ said caretaker manager Chisholm.’
      • ‘Hampton have deliberated on the successor to caretaker manager Brian Cottington for three weeks.’
      • ‘A new Prime Minister, Hans Modrow, headed a caretaker government that shared power with the new, democratically oriented parties.’
      • ‘That left caretaker manager Carl Serrant, and his team, chasing the game right from the start.’
      • ‘With close friend Viv Busby still caretaker manager of the Minstermen, Crosby did not comment on the possibility of a return to York.’
      • ‘She asked the government to accept public demands that it scrap the law and hand power over to a caretaker government.’
      • ‘He stayed in football, managing several clubs in the Western League, and was caretaker manager at Exeter for a short while.’
      • ‘Agostinho Oliveira will bring the curtain down on his role as caretaker manager in Braga this week.’
      • ‘Assistant boss Brian Cottington has been appointed caretaker manager.’
      • ‘And caretaker manager Viv Busby recognises the value of a tight back line especially against the likes of Conference play-off hopefuls Aldershot Town.’
      • ‘Trevor Brooking was appointed caretaker manager of West Ham as Glenn Roeder recovered in hospital.’
      • ‘Livingston, meanwhile, are making a case for caretaker manager David Hay to be appointed on a permanent basis.’
      • ‘St Mirren caretaker manager John Coughlin was mightily relieved that Ricky Gillies was deemed fit to play.’
      • ‘A year ago he moved as a player/coach to Southport where Hesketh was caretaker manager.’
      • ‘Prior to Connor's arrival, successful Youth team coach Mickey Feeney had acted as caretaker manager.’
      • ‘The Guardian spoke to the Jenny Lind's caretaker manager, Dudley Cooke.’
      • ‘The veteran striker - he is 37 in a fortnight - has been acting as assistant to caretaker manager Kevin Keen.’
      • ‘Kharine made two appearances under Barnes before Kenny Dalglish immediately used him in his first four games as caretaker manager.’
      • ‘Mercer became general manager of Coventry in 1972 and was caretaker manager of England for seven games.’
      temporary, short-term, provisional, substitute, acting, interim, pro tem, stand-in, fill-in, supply, stopgap, reserve, deputy
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  • 2North American A person employed to look after people or animals.

    • ‘Cat caretakers will assist in keeping the cat area clean and safe at all times.’
    • ‘The caretaker is responsible for all expenses, such as food and shelter, while the animal is under their charge.’
    • ‘These include employees with job titles such as animal caretaker, auto mechanic, custodian, baker and tree trimmer.’
    • ‘In turn, animal-welfare professionals will hold individual caretakers accountable.’
    • ‘In addition, staff can help caretakers select an animal that is compatible with their environment and resources.’
    • ‘The program features the story of a baby animal, and the struggles of the parents and caretaker in the months following conception.’
    • ‘Taylor turned around to see Rowel, the oldest animal caretaker.’
    • ‘The animal's caretakers are still unable to identify the gender because the mother zebra's protective instincts prevents close inspection.’
    • ‘Her father was the animal caretaker, and she assisted with the horses.’
    • ‘This could actually be the result of incompatibility between behaviors typical of an animal breed and a caretaker's behavior or environment.’