Definition of cardiac massage in US English:

cardiac massage


  • A procedure to resuscitate a patient suffering cardiac arrest or fibrillation by rhythmically compressing the chest and heart to restore circulation.

    Also called heart massage
    • ‘The workshop included case studies, how to diagnose and provide treatment, artificial respiration, cardiac massage, tying slings in the case of fractures, treating burns, heart attacks, and rescue techniques.’
    • ‘CPR involves the establishment of a patent airway, effective breathing and cardiac output through assisted ventilation and external cardiac massage.’
    • ‘He directed Mrs Morgan to perform cardiac massage while he conducted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but the kiss of life was a cruel charade to disguise the fact he had just murdered her.’
    • ‘Nicholas, 34, gave him the kiss of life and cardiac massage until paramedics arrived.’
    • ‘Luke's mother, Ruth, also wanted the possibility of cardiac massage left open for her son, who has Edwards' syndrome or trisomy 18 syndrome, a condition severely affecting most of his organs.’
    • ‘I could not perform cardiac massage for four weeks and I was unable to sneeze without pain at seven weeks.’
    • ‘Blood poured from Carlo's mouth while a nurse performed cardiac massage.’
    • ‘One firefighter went with him and was doing cardiac massage en route, but he later died.’
    • ‘Doctors agreed that Luke should not be resuscitated by mechanical ventilation if his condition worsened but could be given the less aggressive treatment of cardiac massage.’
    • ‘A dentist is organising cardiac massage, elevation of the legs, and facemask oxygen while personally attending to the patient's airway.’
    • ‘Having been first devised in the late 1950s, resuscitation by external cardiac massage was still in its infancy in 1971 and was virtually unknown to the lay public in India.’
    • ‘However, the cardiac massage had been successful.’
    • ‘If necessary, transabdominal open cardiac massage can be performed.’
    • ‘We tried to resuscitate her for half an hour using artificial respiration, cardiac massage.’
    • ‘Passers-by said a man living nearby who witnessed the accident fought to save Gavin's life by giving him cardiac massage as he lay on the grass just 50 yards from his parents' home.’
    • ‘He spoke about that era's ‘July 1 syndrome’ when interns would stand by the bedside of patients who they thought were about to arrest with scalpel in hand waiting to try their first open cardiac massage.’
    • ‘Medical staff battled for 45 minutes to save Foe, giving him prolonged cardiac massage.’
    • ‘External cardiac massage is not, however, without complications.’
    • ‘Ippb with oxygen was undertaken using the ambu-bag and endotracheal tube by Dr. O'Neil while cardiac massage was performed.’
    • ‘My client says they had both drunk too much, and afterwards he tried to reanimate the earl with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and a cardiac massage.’