Definition of cardholder in US English:



  • A person who has a credit card or debit card.

    • ‘Payments made using a credit or debit card when the cardholder is not present are not affected by Chip and PIN and therefore are exempt from the liability shift.’
    • ‘The amount of money owed by cardholders on their credit cards has more than doubled in the last four years.’
    • ‘It also saves cardholders from exposing their credit limits or account balances to potential cyber criminals lurking in the anonymity of the web.’
    • ‘Around half of all credit cardholders pay off their debt in full each month, so the real figure for credit card debts is much higher.’
    • ‘Criminals then go shopping with a copy of a credit or debit card with cardholders unaware of the fraud until a statement arrives showing purchases they didn't make.’
    • ‘I am the primary cardholder, but she had the cards.’
    • ‘Credit-card companies besides American Express offer stand-alone insurance to cardholders.’
    • ‘Since we're busy accruing miles on her frequent-flier account, my wife is the primary cardholder.’
    • ‘Often, they charge £25 or more to cardholders who exceed their credit limit, make a late payment or have a payment returned unpaid.’
    • ‘Some credit-card firms have started charging upfront fees to cardholders who wish to transfer balances from other cards.’
    • ‘In spite of this, most credit card issuers still fleece their cardholders with sky-high rates.’
    • ‘These are produced when the genuine data in the magnetic strip on one card is electronically copied without the legitimate cardholder's knowledge.’
    • ‘Credit-card companies often will waive late fees for longtime cardholders in good standing when requested.’
    • ‘The average cardholder has more than seven credit cards.’
    • ‘The law states that cardholders are not liable for fraudulent transactions as long as the original card is still in their possession.’
    • ‘About two-thirds of us have credit cards, and the average cardholder spends £350 a month on their two or more cards.’
    • ‘Most fraud on stolen cards takes place in retailers before the cardholder has reported the loss.’
    • ‘The new cards will be issued on a phased basis with the majority of cardholders receiving them from their bank or credit card provider between now and the middle of next year.’
    • ‘AIB is one of the market leaders in Ireland for credit cards, with 600,000 cardholders.’
    • ‘It will act as a debit card, with cardholders placing money in their account that can be accessed to make purchases over the internet or to buy goods overseas.’