Definition of card sharp in US English:

card sharp

(also card sharper, card shark)


  • A person who cheats at cards in order to win money.

    • ‘My own near equivalent is to know rather more about the techniques of conjurors and card sharps than might be expected.’
    • ‘If you want to become a card sharp, watch out for these three nasty ‘plastic ploys’.’
    • ‘When Caravaggio painted the gypsy fortune tellers and card sharps of the city streets, other artists followed.’
    • ‘Jean decides to charm Pike out of everything he's worth, but falls in love with him in the process, an obvious no-no in the world of card sharps.’
    • ‘I hope that this article has helped you to become a better card sharp!’
    • ‘What we're faced with are psychic sharps, like card sharps: sleight of hand, sleight of mind.’
    • ‘ONE PLUS ONE is the story of David Coulson, agent of an unnamed power, who saunters into town on a mission to ensure that Eddie, a young and arrogant card sharp, meets his Date with Destiny.’
    • ‘In one corner of the room a card sharp was cheating a few men, and in another a long game of poker was going on.’
    • ‘In short: is the world's greatest deliberative body really filled with this many dim bulbs, card sharps and overstroked dolts who confuse a leaden pause with great rhetoric?’
    • ‘Wily showbiz veteran Chip Taylor wrote Wild Thing and worked as a professional card sharp, but he never made a smarter move than teaming up with Texan fiddler Carrie Rodriguez.’
    • ‘People enjoyed laughing at the foolishness of spoiled young men being outwitted by card sharps.’
    • ‘They clearly did, since the young card sharp has already paid for her £150,000 house outright and owns a new £15,000 motor - bought for cash, naturally.’
    • ‘These interminable stretches of consequence-free juvenile mayhem were interspersed with occasional moments of interest, such as the charismatic card sharp.’
    • ‘The two themes have been a constant in his movies, control going hand-in-hand with regret, from Jason Bourne to Will Hunting and Mike McDermott, the card sharp in Rounders.’
    • ‘After the pressure of speechmaking, Pauline, my partner for the night and I decided to try our hand at the table of the card sharp.’
    • ‘It was also a great year for ‘stoozers’ - card sharps who borrow money on 0% credit cards and stick it in high-interest savings accounts to earn ‘free’ interest.’
    • ‘So, you're a card sharp, Cassandra?’
    • ‘The introduction of card sharp Remo may seem like an obvious attempt at stacking the deck, both figuratively and emotionally, but this is part of Argento's way.’
    • ‘It all reminds one of what Patrick Kavanagh once angrily described as ‘all the card sharpers of the provincial arts committees’.’
    • ‘In my disturbed visions, Velvet Underground's ‘Sister Ray’ ran just 2: 30, one of Caravaggio's card sharps was missing a hat, and Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow became an impenetrable tangle of seemingly unrelated obscure references.’


card sharp

/ˈkɑrd ˌʃɑrp//ˈkärd ˌSHärp/