Definition of card-carrying in US English:



  • 1attributive Registered as a member of a political party or labor union.

    • ‘The meeting may have been called by the Scottish Socialist Party but the audience of 30 or so consists of the curious and the cynical as well as card-carrying members.’
    • ‘They continue to meet and act as if they were legitimate card-carrying members of the Fianna Fáil party.’
    • ‘While an undergraduate at Yale he discovered Marxism and became a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA.’
    • ‘Although I have never been a card-carrying member of any political party, I have always had a soft spot for people of conviction who are either prepared to stand for election themselves or work tirelessly on behalf of others.’
    • ‘Martin Amis, whose famous novelist father, Kingsley, spent decades as a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, wants to arrest the left's laughter so as to indict the left's memory.’
    • ‘Once a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, she recalls rallies and marches during the turbulent Thatcher years.’
    • ‘There were a couple of card-carrying Labour Party members in the audience and they argued against any move to affiliate to the SSP.’
    • ‘I have been a card-carrying member of Montreal local 406 of the American Federation of Musicians several times in my life.’
    • ‘The literature on the subject has also clearly demonstrated that Heidegger was a card-carrying member of the Nazi party and that he carried out Nazi reforms when he was in a position to do so, and with some enthusiasm.’
    • ‘He, of course, was pilloried by the Labour Party at the time, and by the usual card-carrying members of the Labour Party working in the media.’
    • ‘Eight and a half million Germans had been card-carrying members of the Nazi Party.’
    • ‘It was interesting you know, card-carrying members of the Labour Party wouldn't look me in the eye.’
    • ‘I believe no-one should be discriminated against because they choose to be a card-carrying member of the BNP or just choose to vote for the BNP.’
    • ‘He need only speak to his union members around this country who are card-carrying members of the Labour Party - good competent prison officers - and hear what they have to say.’
    • ‘In Launceston thousands of card-carrying union members hailed Comrade John as a hero of the proletariat while in Sydney the heir to Australia's biggest business fortune declared his support for the Prime Minister.’
    • ‘Yeah, nearly all of them were card-carrying Party members, but none of them were particularly distinguishable politically.’
    • ‘Though one of us used to work for the United Steelworkers and another's been a card-carrying member of the NDP, we tend to leave the old-school lefty ideation to others.’
    • ‘Even card-carrying members of the Columnist's Guild get caught up in the New Year's passion for self-betterment.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, a former card-carrying member of the Nazi party, Kurt-Georg Kiesinger, became chancellor.’
    • ‘Firstly, there were about one million card-carrying members of the Bulgarian Communist Party, at all levels of society.’
    1. 1.1humorous Confirmed in or dedicated to a specified pursuit or outlook.
      ‘a card-carrying pessimist’
      • ‘These books do not tend to incorporate a lot of spiritual content, in part because I think the market for these books is not card-carrying, mature, experienced and dedicated Pagans, or even Pagans at all!’
      • ‘For a card-carrying liberal, I was surprisingly unapologetic about our decision.’
      • ‘It's something that I, as a card-carrying pessimist, have thought about plenty of times before.’
      established, long-established, long-standing, firm, committed, dyed-in-the-wool, through and through
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