Definition of carbonic anhydrase in US English:

carbonic anhydrase


  • An enzyme that catalyzes the interconversion of dissolved bicarbonates and carbon dioxide.

    • ‘Two intracellular enzymes that may support active ion transport across crustacean gills are carbonic anhydrase and arginine kinase.’
    • ‘Without the enzyme carbonic anhydrase the dehydration and hydration of carbon dioxide is a rather slow reaction.’
    • ‘Limited evidence has been presented that elevated CO2 inhibits the transcription of genes coding for carbonic anhydrase and Rubisco activase.’
    • ‘Cellular carbonic anhydrase then catalyzes the reverse of reaction 17, leading to release of CO 2 from erythrocytes.’
    • ‘This component was eliminated when carbonic anhydrase activity was inhibited or deleted by genetic manipulation.’


carbonic anhydrase