Definition of carbonaceous in US English:



  • (chiefly of rocks or sediments) consisting of or containing carbon or its compounds.

    • ‘An additional sulphide-facies type was described as consisting of pyritic carbonaceous shale.’
    • ‘The distinguishing feature of the lowermost sequence is the presence of coal or carbonaceous shale within alluvial and lacustrine strata.’
    • ‘Silicified carbonaceous schist and graphitic quartzite occur as lenses or layers with extremely variable thickness and are mostly confined to the immediate vicinity of ultramafic rock units.’
    • ‘It was intruded into a succession of thinly bedded sandstones and carbonaceous silt and mudstones.’
    • ‘This facies commonly occurs associated with carbonaceous shale and laminated sandstone.’
    • ‘The Anna Shale was then slowly deposited under restricted marine conditions; it is highly carbonaceous and contains vascular plant fragments.’
    • ‘This structure is very similar to kerogens found in carbonaceous meteorites.’
    • ‘Cross-bedding, channel-fill structures, red colouration, carbonaceous material, desiccation cracks and raindrop pits indicate that these rocks were deposited in a terrestrial environment.’
    • ‘These microfossils, found in bedded carbonaceous cherts, are estimated to be between 3.3 billion to 3.5 billion years old.’
    • ‘The apparent increase of carbonaceous macrofossils through the Proterozoic Eon is likely a result of combined biological and environmental evolution.’
    • ‘An exception may be its type locality in Colombia, where it occurs in veinlets and pockets in carbonaceous sedimentary units apparently distant from igneous rocks.’
    • ‘Australian coals and associated carbonaceous sediments may thus well be oil source rocks in the Gippsland basin area and elsewhere in Australia.’
    • ‘Other fossil seed, leaf, beetle, ostracod, snail and fish remains come from a carbonaceous siltstone that represents a local waterlogged habitat.’
    • ‘The association of the cherts with carbonaceous sandstones and lacustrine shales in the Rhynie Cherts Unit indicates sinter deposition interrupted alluvial floodplain sedimentation of mud and sand.’
    • ‘Some beds contain carbonaceous fragments, and the remains of large roots are found underlying thick coal beds.’
    • ‘It is overlain by the lower shale member, which consists of interbedded carbonaceous shale and lignite that accumulated in coastal marsh and swamps landward of the shoreline.’
    • ‘Based on meteorite studies, astronomers recognize that NEAs have diverse compositions, including silicate, carbonaceous and hydrocarbon-bearing, metallic, and ice-bearing materials.’
    • ‘Sediments at Rick Forester are light gray carbonaceous sandy clays.’
    • ‘In Proterozoic carbonaceous fossils, ultrastructural and biochemical characters are unavailable, and anatomical and reproductive structures are uncommon.’
    • ‘Similarly, there exists the potential for finding ancient samples from Mars or even Venus, as well as unweathered carbonaceous chondrites.’