Definition of carbon tax in US English:

carbon tax


  • A tax on fossil fuels, especially those used by motor vehicles, intended to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

    • ‘The Greens believe the best way to recycle the income from the carbon tax is to reduce the income tax on the first $5000 that everybody earns.’
    • ‘The environmental carbon tax already goes to fund the European Central Bank.’
    • ‘We also agree with the Government's position that the carbon tax should be revenue neutral.’
    • ‘You might see the value of nuclear facilities rise if the world moves toward some sort of a carbon tax.’
    • ‘The revenue-neutral carbon tax is a step in the right direction and has the potential to generate enough support from industry and environmentalists to become a viable policy.’
    • ‘The government's decision to abandon the proposed carbon tax was influenced by the discovery that almost 20 per cent of the fuel bought in the state is not used here.’
    • ‘It says the government needs to introduce a charge for the right to produce carbon dioxide, through for example a carbon tax or a system of tradable emissions permits.’
    • ‘His Cabinet has rejected proposals for emissions trading, a carbon tax and to increase Australia's target for clean, renewable energy.’
    • ‘The carbon tax is a market-based mechanism designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.’
    • ‘A carbon tax is a tax on the use of energy.’
    • ‘We have exempted our farming communities from the carbon tax until 2012.’
    • ‘On the consumer side, scrapping the carbon tax will save the average household at least $200 per year from 2007, he said.’
    • ‘They will not be paying a carbon tax, and we will be charging ourselves a carbon tax.’
    • ‘However, businesses could face a bill of €1.1 billion a year from the combination of the proposed carbon tax and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.’
    • ‘Refusing to face reality is a folly of which the Irish government was this month accused, after reneging on a planned carbon tax, previously a central plank of its anti-pollution strategy.’
    • ‘How many members here believe that the carbon tax will reduce the amount of emissions?’
    • ‘One could reduce these extra costs by channelling the revenue from the carbon tax, if any existed, to reduce the labour and capital taxes.’
    • ‘We have promises of cuts in the carbon tax, in company tax, and in income tax, and we have promises of no cuts in services.’
    • ‘It would introduce a carbon tax and a windfall levy on development land.’
    • ‘He would put a carbon tax on things like coal and fossil fuels so that his precious little windmills would then become more efficient.’


carbon tax

/ˈkärbən taks/