Definition of carbon offsetting in US English:

carbon offsetting


  • The counteracting of carbon dioxide emissions with an equivalent reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    • ‘What do you think: are we being conned by carbon offsetting or is it a responsible way to reverse the effect our lifestyle has on the planet?’
    • ‘However, neither carbon offsetting nor individual lifestyle changes will halt climate change.’
    • ‘Carbon offsetting allows people to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing credits from pollution-reduction projects.’
    • ‘There are a number of organisations now offering carbon offsetting for companies and individuals, which simply neutralise your carbon footprint.’
    • ‘I foresee a sweaty dystopia in which you will have to engage in carbon offsetting every time you make a trip to Waitrose.’
    • ‘It says it is the first to incorporate carbon offsetting into the ticket-buying process.’
    • ‘But in our third world, the marjority of the population wouldn't be prepared to pay for carbon offsetting.’
    • ‘An information booth will raise awareness on the subject of carbon offsetting among participants; they will have the possibility to learn about the amount of emissions they caused.’
    • ‘I was trying to get to grips with the European carbon permit scheme, carbon offsetting and trading the other day.’
    • ‘The founders swear there will be no talk about carbon offsetting or other long-term ideas but practical advice on how to improve an organisation's impact right now.’
    • ‘Carbon offsetting was first made fashionable by the climate change company charity Future Forests, which started at the Glastonbury music festival five years ago.’
    • ‘Is carbon offsetting a responsible way to reverse the effect our lifestyle has on the planet - or just a sop to our consciences?’
    • ‘Is carbon offsetting an adequate mechanism to confront climate change?’
    • ‘British Airways already offers carbon offsetting on its website.’
    • ‘Carbon offsetting supposedly allows people to compensate for the carbon emissions of activities like lights, electricity, car mileage.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Friends of the Earth said: "Carbon offsetting is being promoted as an excuse to carry on flying."’
    • ‘Carbon offsetting may make us feel better about flying, but anyone who thinks it will save the planet - as the prime minister does - is dreaming.’
    • ‘The escalating climate change crisis and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions have led to an explosion in schemes offering ` carbon offsetting '.’
    • ‘Rob Bell balances the myths and realities of carbon offsetting.’
    • ‘Environment groups claim carbon offsetting through tree-planting has become a fashionable way of showing concern for global warming but has little or no long-term effect.’


carbon offsetting

/ˌkärbən ˈôfsetiNG//ˌkɑrbən ˈɔfsɛtɪŋ/