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  • Determine the age or date of (organic matter) from the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-14 that it contains.

    ‘it proved impossible to carbon-date the bone fragment accurately’
    ‘a rock painting from Catal Hyuk in Turkey has been carbon-dated to 6200 BC’
    • ‘The press was full of news that the Turin Shroud was to be carbon-dated.’
    • ‘In order to carbon-date something, samples of this carbon have to be done.’
    • ‘A lynx skull found in Scotland had previously been carbon-dated at 2,000 years old.’
    • ‘The top floor is the attic space, beautifully preserved with roof timbers carbon-dated to 1566.’
    • ‘Some stromatolite fossils found in the Pilbarra region of northwestern Australia have been carbon-dated at around 3.5 billion years old!’
    • ‘The oldest glue in the world, carbon-dated to 8,110–8,310 years before present, has been found in Nahal Hemar Cave.’
    • ‘I miss the moonman, the old mottos, the actual videos, but this sentiment is old enough to be carbon-dated.’
    • ‘The areas where Holocene macrofossils have been located and carbon-dated are indicated by coloured zones to the north of the current treelines.’
    • ‘Researching the items and carbon-dating them to make sure they were genuine took some time.’
    • ‘I have had it carbon-dated to 1790, so it is pre-Western contact.’
    • ‘It had proved impossible to carbon-date the bone fragment accurately because of an absence of collagen from the sample.’
    • ‘Now the city council has decided to have the horn recorded and carbon-dated amid fears it may not be as old as previously thought.’
    • ‘Stems, twigs and driftwood embedded in the sand and mud were used to carbon-date the core sections.’
    • ‘This delicate work has been carbon-dated to the 14th century but may be even earlier.’
    • ‘They have been carbon-dated to between the early 7th and mid 8th century.’
    • ‘The wood is bog yew and is carbon-dated to be over 4,500 years old.’
    • ‘The Dead Sea scrolls are carbon-dated between a span of about 68 BC to 124 AD.’
    assign a date to, ascertain the date of, determine the date of, establish the date of, put a date on, put a date to, ascertain the age of, determine the age of, establish the age of
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  • The age or date of organic matter as determined by the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-14 that it contains.

    ‘the carbon dates were all in the last 5,000 to 10,000 years’
    • ‘The first radioactive carbon-dates were published in 1949.’
    • ‘It seems that either the Black Sea flood theory or the carbon-dates (or both) are wrong.’
    • ‘The dates that they publish in this paper actually correspond to the carbon-dates we already have.’
    • ‘I have a preliminary set of carbon-dates and will probably run another set in October.’
    • ‘Dr Bevan has been looking very carefully at some wonky carbon-dates, the occasional spurious date that doesn't seem to fit the conventional picture.’
    • ‘Furthermore, there was no pattern of younger to older in the carbon-dates that correlated with the evolutionary/uniformitarian 'ages'.’
    • ‘This summer I learned how to run carbon-dates at the Livermore Laboratory's CAMS facility.’
    • ‘If confirmed, "that would be the oldest" radio carbon-date in the Americas obtained from a human bone.’