Definition of caramelly in US English:


(also caramely)


  • Tasting or smelling of caramel.

    ‘a rich, caramelly flavor’
    • ‘Considered the king of dates, they are the largest variety, gooey and astonishingly caramelly.’
    • ‘This caramelly sweet cake is truly addictive and has customers craving it constantly.’
    • ‘The high ratio of brown sugar to white results in a deep caramelly flavor, which goes wonderfully with the pistachios and dried apricots.’
    • ‘Rebecca gave her cookie a good, solid slathering of the deeply caramelly frosting.’
    • ‘Although arguably not quite as floral as it once was, the beer offers an appetizing mix of caramelly malt and drying hop bitterness.’
    • ‘Sips of this sweet, caramelly wine in between bites of brownies are a vivid demonstration of how food and drink can bring out the best in each other.’
    • ‘The flan had almost a cheesecake texture - dense and caramely, and quite good.’
    • ‘This espresso is made with less than the usual hot water for a highly intense shot that highlights espresso's caramelly sweetness.’
    • ‘Given the right setting, a chunk of caramelly aged Gouda might welcome a chaser of dark chocolate.’
    • ‘The cheese is cheesy, the nuts are nutty, mix it all together and its a bag of cheesy, nutty, caramely goodness.’
    • ‘My friend got the cacao nib hot chocolate, which tasted caramely and soooo good.’
    • ‘The apricots were sweet, and much more caramelly—they tasted kind of like figs, or even raisins.’