Definition of carabao in US English:



  • another term for water buffalo
    • ‘The Navy is always in consultation with (Aquatic and Wildlife) to find the best method of reducing the population of the carabao.’
    • ‘It was 1991, and the communist guerrillas in their village had just stolen the family's one and only carabao.’
    • ‘In less than thirty minutes, a convoy of men and wooden carts pulled by lumbering carabao began the perilous journey back to the American lines with an enraged Japanese Army in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘It may be topped with cheese made from the milk of the carabao (the local water-buffalo), slices of salted duck eggs, butter.’
    • ‘The scene I caught was a tribal celebration at night with the tribesmen dancing and then butchering water buffaloes (called carabaos in the Philippines).’
    • ‘The next wave came from Malaysia and is credited with developing agriculture and introducing carabao (water buffalo) as draft animals.’
    • ‘Smaller but more pervasive carabao loggers, however, continue to poach wood from protected areas, using the beasts to haul logs to roads or river banks to be picked up by smugglers.’


Early 20th century: from Spanish, from a local word in the Philippines.