Definition of capture-the-flag in US English:



  • A game in which two teams each hide a colored cloth, representing the team's flag, and then try to find the other team's flag and return with it to their home base.

    • ‘Today, children are more apt to gather around the television or computer than to take up a game of kick-the-can or capture-the-flag.’
    • ‘All of this started to crystallize for me one night, when I came home and found my son playing a modified capture-the-flag version of Quake.’
    • ‘An ‘insertion’ is kind of like a game of capture-the-flag complete with assault rifles and an armoured chopper.’
    • ‘The game is basically just another online shooter offering 15 gaming areas with up to 32 people battling out through the standard deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture-the-flag options.’
    • ‘Younger companies sponsor capture-the-flag games or afternoons of paintball tournaments.’