Definition of captiousness in US English:



  • See captious

    • ‘Well, since you didn't reply in substance or with the captiousness common to the topic, you, at least, won't be indicted as a hijacker!’
    • ‘By way of a protest against the captiousness to which their agents were subjected, the Polish authorities on August 2 prohibited the importation of this firm's products into Polish territory.’
    • ‘This article is not prompted by any mere spirit of captiousness on my part.’
    • ‘Then was seen the unprecedented sight of a party agent challenging the votes on his own side with a captiousness that his opponents would have hesitated to display.’
    • ‘Dress, it seemed to me, was all she cared for; and there was a captiousness and ill-temper about her, at times, that was, to say the least of it, very unbecoming.’
    • ‘Finally, mention should be made of the author's logical arguments, and his clear and interesting style: satisfying the highest professional demands, this book contains no dry scholarly captiousness.’