Definition of captain's chair in English:

captain's chair


  • A wooden chair with a row of vertical spindles supporting a bar that forms the back and armrests.

    • ‘I also briefly considered extracting one of the captain's chairs in the second row, but having just watched a PBS special on strangulated hernias, I decided this risky procedure should be done only on an ‘as needed’ basis.’
    • ‘You make your way past sleek, leather-bound captain's chairs.’
    • ‘From their captain's chairs, reporters have been watching Wimbledon all week.’
    • ‘I not only had a cassette player but captain's chairs.’
    • ‘Andriy turned his chair and faced Ilya at his computer behind the captain's chair.’
    • ‘Tears blurred his vision, and he sank down into the wooden captain's chair.’
    • ‘Second row seating is either captain's chairs or 60/40-split fold bench.’
    • ‘The feline sprang back into the captain's chair.’
    • ‘You can almost stand up in the centre, it's got captain's chairs, it's really comfortable.’
    • ‘Kyle and Thai sat down in two conveniently placed chairs next to the captain's chair.’
    • ‘Ryo asked from his spot near the captain's chair.’
    • ‘Kain got up from the floor and dusted himself off, but noticed Kate still reclining in the captain's chair.’
    • ‘I wonder who got the captain's chair (not included)?’
    • ‘In the front of the bus are gray leather captain's chairs on swivels.’
    • ‘She smiled and walked back to the captain's chair.’
    • ‘Gina smiled as she sat back in the captain's chair.’
    • ‘He sat down in his comfortable captain's chair and drank his morning coffee.’
    • ‘Finally, there would be the creak Ben knew came from sitting in the oaken captain's chair and with two quick stomps on the floor, Ben knew that Adam was awake, dressed, shaved and ready to start the day.’
    • ‘Ultimate Game Chair in Antioch, Calif., sells a luxe leather captain's chair with a built-in joystick and speakers for $750.’
    • ‘With a deep, quiet breath, she sat back into the comfortable captain's chair and lifted one leg, ankle raised and placed across her other knee.’