Definition of capsulize in English:



  • Put (information) in compact form; summarize.

    • ‘Murray Street's ‘Rain on Tin’ was a euphoric rollercoaster ride that seemed to capsulize the band's entire career.’
    • ‘They have capsulized their stories in magazine articles of how, growing up in Newark, New Jersey, they made a commitment to encourage each other on their journey to and through medical school.’
    • ‘He adds a new domain, the Behavioral Domain, which ‘capsulizes and summarizes the co-requisite objectives of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains’.’
    • ‘Among the gathering crowd, roving bands of reporters snatch interviews and roll tape in an effort to capsulize the purpose of the ride for a future sound bite.’
    • ‘As the December 25 Time capsulized it, ‘A sizable number of critics, from law professors to some of the Court's own members, have attacked the ruling as… politically motivated.’’
    • ‘‘A failed attempt to capsulize a feeling’ proclaim the liner notes to the much-anticipated debut album from Straylight Run, the Taking Back Sunday spin-off fronted by John Nolan.’
    • ‘Though he was on the phone, he was very forceful in denying Mitchell the ability to use the host's standard strategy of capsulizing the guest's position in order to move a two-sided debate forward.’
    • ‘For the purpose of this paper, a practitioner's view is taken to capsulize consolidation over the past 20 or so years.’
    • ‘Andy later capsulized it all in his ‘15 minutes of fame’ quip - which at the time was almost paradoxical, but soon described more ‘celebs’ than you could shake a remote at.’
    • ‘His character cannot be capsulized in a sound bite.’
    • ‘I want you both to capsulize, each one of you, its mission for you.’
    • ‘The dialogue and art direction are outstanding, perfectly capsulizing New York mobsters in the 70's.’
    • ‘Four great sayings, or mahavakyas, capsulize his message: Sarvam Sivam seyal, ‘Siva is doing it all; ‘Thanai ari, ‘Know thy Self by thyself; ‘Sarvam Sivamayam, ‘All is Siva; ‘and Summa iru, ‘Be still.’’
    • ‘There's a pointless bit of audio folderol that capsulizes James Venable's score - does anyone watch a martial arts film for the score, for Pete's sake?’
    • ‘I've been learning so much, it's hard to capsulize it.’
    • ‘In other words, you would capsulize their response.’
    • ‘However, most prominent are The Star and The Voice which capsulize the happenings of the week.’
    • ‘In retrospect, I might have rebuffed him by using the correlation ‘Silence = Death’ devised by AIDS activists to capsulize my analysis of the effects of state sexual censorship.’
    • ‘This neatly capsulizes the administration's ongoing depredations in Colombia, all under the shady banner of the war on drugs.’
    condense, shorten, reduce, abbreviate, abridge, summarize, precis, abstract, boil down, shrink, encapsulate
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