Definition of capsule endoscopy in US English:

capsule endoscopy


  • See capsule endoscope

    • ‘On 10 August I'm going in for a capsule endoscopy.’
    • ‘All patients fasted overnight and underwent capsule endoscopy.’
    • ‘Diagnostic imaging to establish lesion type and extent of involvement include barium enema, small-bowel series, colonoscopy, and capsule endoscopy.’
    • ‘Small bowel examination can be accomplished with standard small bowel follow-through, enteroclysis, push enteroscopy, Sonde enteroscopy, wireless capsule endoscopy, and intraoperative enteroscopy.’
    • ‘A recent development is ‘wireless capsule’ or capsule endoscopy.’
    • ‘When compared with push enteroscopy, capsule endoscopy has been shown to have the better diagnostic yield in identifying small bowel lesions.’
    • ‘In the 13 patients with obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, capsule endoscopy was significantly more likely to have found a definitive diagnosis than barium follow-through.’
    • ‘Video capsule endoscopy showed virtual pan-atrophy of the small bowel but no evidence of lymphoma.’
    • ‘Complications from capsule endoscopy, such as impaction and small bowel stricture, have been reported.’