Definition of capri pants in US English:

capri pants

(also capris)

plural noun

  • Close-fitting calf-length tapered trousers, usually worn by women and girls.

    • ‘I settled for a pair of black capris and a pink camisole with a black and pink button-down over the top.’
    • ‘After her shower, she dressed in a pair of jean capris, a plain black t-shirt, and a pair of bright orange flip flops.’
    • ‘Denim is present with jeans, capris, jackets and skirts, with in-demand details.’
    • ‘She pulled out a pair of jean capris and a black tank top and threw them at me.’
    • ‘She wore a simple, spring green tank top and denim capris.’
    • ‘My hair was in pigtails covered by a green bandana that matched my capris.’
    • ‘Okay, you may not want to wear capris, but ¾ length pants or long shorts are always a way to compromise.’
    • ‘Check out the latest styles in stretch jeans, capris, tops, intimates and hosiery from Just My Size, the plus-size authority.’
    • ‘Sequoia was wearing black and white tweed capris and a pink polo shirt.’
    • ‘She could feel the warm California sun on her face, and she was glad she chose to wear capris and a tank top today.’
    • ‘Knee-length pants or men's style capris have been trendy forever, but you must be able to pull off the look.’
    • ‘I quickly showered and got dressed in my jean capris and aqua colored tank top, and ran downstairs to eat some breakfast.’
    • ‘She rummaged through her bag and came up with a pair of jean capris.’
    • ‘I was in my white blouse and capris from that morning.’
    • ‘I wore some cute jean capris, a red solid t-shirt, a silver sparkly belt, and some black flip-flops.’
    • ‘Shirts, tops, capris, kurtas, you name it and it is cotton.’
    • ‘I wore a pair of jean capris and a black shirt with a V-neck, but a dark blue hoodie was over it.’
    • ‘Kay's khaki capris and red tank top accented her creamy complexion.’
    • ‘I quickly slipped out of my capris and pulled my tank top over my head.’
    • ‘I pick out simple stone washed jean capris and a vintage style button down, white with small black polka dots, short sleeve shirt.’


1950s (originally US): named after the island of Capri.


capri pants

/kəˈprē ˌpants/