Definition of capitalistic in US English:



  • Supporting or based on the principles of capitalism.

    ‘a completely capitalistic system’
    • ‘This is not simply a great ethical warning against capitalistic exploitation, or against a merely utilitarian conception of habitation.’
    • ‘The impact of the slump on large capitalistic enterprises in the region receives relatively little comment.’
    • ‘The consistent purpose in his writing was to make economic theory applicable to the perennial problems of a capitalistic economy.’
    • ‘He sought all his life to surpass his uncle, championing those labeled heretic by a vital capitalistic society.’
    • ‘The novel develops a plot fueled by a desire for a conventionally capitalistic definition of happiness.’
    • ‘Social mobility is the source of authority in modern capitalistic democracy, where the ultimate value is the rise of the individual.’
    • ‘It is not uncommon for artists to voice contempt for capitalistic processes.’
    • ‘It is a modern-day social commentary, ranging from capitalistic alienation to the seeking of immediate gratification in relationships with women.’
    • ‘The economic development under capitalistic premises thus proceeds in the form of cyclical fluctuation.’
    • ‘In many ways, it penetrates to the dark side of the capitalistic ideal.’