Definition of capital expenditure in US English:

capital expenditure


  • Money spent by a business or organization on acquiring or maintaining fixed assets, such as land, buildings, and equipment.

    ‘the past twelve months have seen cutbacks in capital expenditure by all ten water companies’
    • ‘Capital expenditure accounts for 11 percent of the Eastern Cape's total budget.’
    • ‘With IT now accounting for nearly half of all capital expenditures, spending on IT naturally saw a sharp decline.’
    • ‘A survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association showed high sales expectations and increased plans for capital expenditures.’
    • ‘American corporations are saving more, but seem hardly inclined to go on a renewed capital expenditure binge.’
    • ‘We have companies looking to fund acquisitions or capital expenditures.’
    • ‘Cash flow from operations was $20.4b, but they spent $10.1b on capital expenditure and $4.4b on dividends.’
    • ‘Capital expenditure on modernisation over the next three years will amount to 125 million, according to figures provided by the chief executive in an internal newsletter.’
    • ‘Capital expenditure is also to be reduced going forward and the company is planning on leveraging existing infrastructure with investment in new connections.’
    • ‘Capital expenditure such as new plant or IT investment should be re-evaluated to assess whether it can be deferred without any serious business disruption.’
    • ‘In the year to February 22 2003, the company had group capital expenditure of 2.7 billion.’
    • ‘Scotland's beleaguered industrial sector is still enduring a combination of business failures and cutbacks on capital expenditure, according to new figures due out tomorrow.’
    • ‘During the bubble period, capital expenditures dramatically increase on the premise of a future rise in asset prices and the underlying pattern of demand.’
    • ‘Recent survey data suggest firms have remained cautious about increasing capital expenditures.’
    • ‘Offset against this are operating losses running at some 2m per month plus the heavy capital expenditure necessary to build out infrastructure.’
    • ‘At a wider level the industry as a whole needs restructuring to deliver cost reductions and avoid duplication of capital expenditure.’
    • ‘"We're going to see significant reductions in capital expenditure," he says.’
    • ‘A fall in capital expenditure in the aftermath of an investment boom is generally not averted by cuts in interest rates.’
    • ‘Sales of wireless infrastructure are also expected to be lower due to a reduction in capital expenditure by the telecom companies.’
    • ‘To curb export growth whilst attempting to rein in domestic capital expenditure and a corresponding real estate boom likely constitutes a bridge too far for the country's financial and monetary authorities.’
    • ‘Last year, semiconductor companies spent $28 billion on capital expenditure.’