Definition of capillary attraction in US English:

capillary attraction


  • The tendency of a liquid in a capillary tube to rise as a result of surface forces.

    • ‘The mechanism for joining by soldering involves three closely related factors: 1) wetting, 2) alloying, and 3) capillary attraction.’
    • ‘That is, he wanted to rule out other types of attraction such as capillary attraction of water to a surface or a strongly polar surface.’
    • ‘The filler metal is distributed between the closely fitted surfaces of the joint by capillary attraction.’
    • ‘Recent research confirms that the adhesive effects are due to van der Waals forces rather than capillary attraction or suction.’
    • ‘In physics we had things called teat pipettes, and they have a bit of capillary attraction in them so that fluid flows vertically upwards, sucked magically to higher levels.’