Definition of capillary action in US English:

capillary action


  • another term for capillarity
    • ‘Water can be drawn into a building by capillary action.’
    • ‘Other teams are striving to control their fuel cell's operations by using solely passive processes, such as evaporation, diffusion, and capillary action.’
    • ‘In resting insect tissues, tracheoles are typically filled with liquid drawn by capillary action from the surrounding tissue.’
    • ‘The capillary action of the water serves to retain the sand particles, and water seeps may form.’
    • ‘Later it reappears, floating on water in an example of surface tension or indicating the diameters of glass tubes in a demonstration of capillary action.’


capillary action

/ˈkæpəˌlɛri ˈækʃən/