Definition of Cape jasmine in US English:

Cape jasmine

(also Cape jessamine)


  • A fragrant Chinese gardenia, some kinds of which have flowers that are used to perfume tea.

    Genus Gardenia, family Rubiaceae: several species, in particular G. jasminoides

    • ‘The young women wear fragrant Cape jessamine & pink tea roses in their hair or pinned at the bodice.’
    • ‘Gardenias, or Cape jasmines, have been adorning the gardens of the South for generations.’
    • ‘At last we arrived at our destination, a bungalow literally covered with Cape jessamine, bougainvillea, thumbergia and other lovely creepers, built on a small plateau overhanging the gorge.’
    • ‘The Cape jasmine is a tropical plant grown for its heavily-scented, ivory-white flowers (usually produced in late summer and autumn, and its dark, glossy, evergreen foliage.’
    • ‘The oleander, the Cape jessamine and the crepe-myrtle, puny shrubs and hot-house plants at the North, here are trees, that grow to the height of twenty feet.’